Apres Beer of the Week

Every week we are going to highlight a different Michigan beer that rubs our taste buds the right way after a good ride. For Michigan Mtn’s first Apres Beer of the Week we choose Blackrock’s 51k IPA!

There are many reasons we choose this beer. First we freaking love Marquette. Second, we freaking love the UP. Third, it’s damn tasty!

The 51K is an American IPA with a 7% ABV so it gets you feeling real fine after riding all day. It also has some serious flavor, with earthy grapefruit, apricot and piney hop flavors and aromas…… this is making my mouth water. All in all this is a premium Apres Beer no matter how good or bad your ride went.

If you haven’t tried it yet, get some soon!

Any recommendations on next weeks beer?

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