Bragging Rights App

Hey everyone, I've got a little something cool to share with you and its called Bragging Rights.

One of our awesome members, Tyler Moseley, made this app to help shredders keep track of their days on snow, surf and/or bike. So now you can whip out your phone and legitimately claim more days than your buds.

I grew up trying to track my days on snow, and always lost track or guessed at it. There use to be an app from Rome Snowboards back in the day that tracked your days riding, but it hasn't been around in over 7, maybe even 10 years. Thankfully Moseley has fixed our issues.

I've been using the app for a few months now for mountain biking and I love it!

Go to your app store and search Bragging Rights and give it a go. Then go tell all your friends!

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