Fun Last Day of 2020 @ Nubs Nob.

Check out this video a few buddies and I made from our last day of 2020 at Nubs Nob.

Right now the park is great at Nubs Nob. They have a decent amount of rails, from beginner to intermediate. There are two jumps, one big jump, maybe 25ft, and another at the bottom of the park that is poppy and about 15ft. Both are super fun. You can also find a lot of killer lines along the right side of the park where there are a few hips, a volcano and small table tops.

The rest of the resort is great conditions too. The snow is primo right now after a few days of fresh last week. So if your looking to lay down some fatty turns your in luck!

Soon we will be coming out with more videos highlighting Michigan resorts and other things. Give us a follow on youtube!

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