Mount Bohemia Trip 2021

Last week four buddies and I headed to the UP for a trip to Mount Bohemia. The coverage had been low and even bare in some spots at Boho, but we saw that a decent storm was headed that way so we decided to go anyway and test our luck.

We all headed up to Marquette on Wednesday night so we could cut the trip down a little bit. A few of us came from Grand Rapids and Traverse City area and one guy from Ann Arbor, so it can be a long haul to Boho after working all day. Plus, stopping in Marquette is always a good idea.

We hit up Black Rocks Brewery for a few beers, then snagged some greasy goodness from Mainstreet pizza and headed over to the local ski shop, The Compound. If you’ve never visited The Compound you should check it out next time you’re in Marquette, this place has some serious old school charm while being modern and it is full of some very knowledgeable people that can tell you a few stories or three.

On Thursday morning we caravanned to Mount Bohemia through what was only the beginning of a long snow storm that would blanket the Keweenaw and UP for the next six days or more. By the time we were to Boho the chairs had just started to spin and the snow was falling harder by the minute. That first day of riding was great, but the base still needed more coverage. You could hear your base and edges scrapping on rocks and roots as you descended, but we didn’t really care because we were having such a good time. Throughout the day 6-8 inches of snow fell and even though you still felt rocks it was a midwest powder day with refills on every lap.

The storm stuck around into the next week and we rode till Monday, one of our crew even stayed the rest of that week and kept getting the goods long after we left. From Thursday to Monday Mount Bohemia got around 24-30 inches.

We could not have timed this trip any better, especially with how this snow season had been going. I recommend you take a chance and plan a weekend to Mount Bohemia this season. The mountain is in great shape now after some serious snow this past week and even if you don’t hit a good storm you will still have a blast. Boho has a lot to offer, from some of the best trees I’ve ever skied (yes, even compared to out west), to yurts, crazy trails that you think you’re lost on, great Yooper hospitality, a bad ass hot tube, and so much more. This is certainly a bucket list place to ride and the adventure of getting there is one of the best parts.

Shred on!

- Jacques

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