MTN BIKES - Need one?

Looking to get a new mountain bike for this season?

Well, join the crowd. The demand for bikes has not dipped since last summer when the industry saw record sales and wiped all stock out at every shop. Because of this high demand, plus the shut down in manufacturing, plus the back up of shipping from Asia, plus the scarcity of parts/components, plus everything else - it is extremely hard to get a bike right now.

Shops have been receiving bikes, but they sell instantly or within a week of hitting their doors. So it's time to be proactive and start hunting down bikes from dealers all over Michigan or further if you are really needing a new one.

We would love for Michigan Mtn members to try and help their community find bikes. Please post what you are looking for or post where you know bikes are for sale. Let's get the conversations going so we can all hit the trails this summer and shred!

- Jacques

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