Snow Helmets – It’s now cool, but how do you wear them?

When I was growing up helmets were not desirable to say the least. It was something that your parents constantly bugged you to wear or threatened to not let you ride unless you did. My dad was always on me about wearing one, and I hated it, and one time he left the hill early so I took my brain bucket off. I regretted that pretty quickly. Not even 30 minutes later a snowboarder hit a jump and landed on my head, slicing my head right open and giving me a terrible concussion. I’m not sure my dad said this back then, but I think he deserved to. “I told you so!”

But hey, those were the risk that we were willing to go to as young shredders to look cool and fit in….

Times have changed though.

Maybe it’s because there is a better understanding to the risk of brain injuries. Maybe it’s because pro athletes wear them now too. It could be that helmets actually look a million times better than they use to. Well, whatever it is, I’m glad that stigma has changed, because the brain is too major not to protect.

So that leaves me with a new question. What’s the cool way to wear a helmet? So far, I have seen multiple ways.

- You can wear it as directed, with goggles secured through the back strap, wrapping around the outside of the helmet (make sure there is no gaper gap).

- You can wear a beanie with goggles on and then strap your helmet on top with the ear pads removed.

- You can wear it with just a beanie under the helmet and no goggles. Ear pads removed again.

- You can wear the helmet with ear pads in, so normal, but without goggles or with sunglasses. This is a little more jerry style.

- You can even wear your goggles backwards on your helmet, which seems legit.

If you were to give me a comparable situation from when I was kid and helmets were lame and dorky, and the cool kids didn’t wear helmets to now, what would they be? Do the cool kids sport the backwards goggles, and the dorks wear the helmet with the goggles on the outside?

I think I know the answer, but honestly, I’m not positive anymore. So, let’s see what everyone else thinks. What style do you support? Comment and tell us.

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