Using your Mount Bohemia Season Pass Perks

In mid February, Tyler Moseley and I headed out to Wyoming to try and score some fresh snow while using the perks from our Mount Bohemia $99 season pass. We did 2 days at Jackson Hole, because you have to hit Jhole if you are going to Wyoming, and then headed over to Grand Targhee for 3 more days of riding, plus one day of skinning up Snow King.

I love when you get to the mountains and feel dwarfed by their size, but this entire trip we couldn't even see one range or peak because it was snowing so much. We landed on a Monday and left on the following Monday, it snowed the whole time! It's hard to say how much snow we were blessed with from Ullr, but it was easily over 50 inches.

The Mount Boho pass made this trip possible, as well as extremely good airfare prices right now. With the season pass you get free skiing at Grand Targhee when you stay with the resort 3+ nights. We figured this would be a small hotel room, but it was actually a huge condo down in Driggs Idaho. It was just Tyler and I, but we could have easily fit 6 more people into this condo. Now, you might be wondering, is it only one person who gets free tickets to GT? Nope, anyone and everyone who stays in the resort condo! Well, they must be expensive, right? Wrong again, I think our condo was $150/night. It is such a steal! Plus, the terrain at Grand Targhee is amazing and the lines are short, even on a powder day.

You also get to ski for free at Snow King in Jackson Hole, which is worth one day of riding if you get some snow or fun to skin to get some seriously good views.

So, support Mount Bohemia and buy a season pass. Then go out to Grand Targhee and have a blast!

Check out the video below to see just how good we had it!

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